John Kenneth Wynn MA
Artist & Designer

Born 1957 and raised in the Durham Mining Villages of the North East of England.

Left School in 1974 and studied 3 years at Hartlepool College of Art. My studies were broadly based, covering ceramics, printing, life drawing etc. So from throwing pots to etching and screen printing, charcoal to oils, we dabbled in everything. It was a great experience, being thrown in
with people of similar skills and interests.
Best time of my life!
During my time at Art College I designed a mural for the Local Newspaper, the Hartlepool Mail. Four of us took up the challenge, to design a mural celebrating the paper's centenary and which was to be hung in the reporter's room. Which ever design was chosen, the full size version would be completed by the four of us, as a joint effort - my version was selected.

That's me, 2nd from the right. I had hair in those days!

As the course progressed I leant more toward three dimensional projects, a ceramic chess set and board for instance.
This culminated in a sculpture about 5 feet tall which I named "Birth of a Cube" For a couple of years this was located in the garden quadrangle at the centre of the college building.
I deeply regret that I didn't keep any of the huge amount of work from this period.

I needed to find a career, something that would allow me to use my artistic side, married to three dimensional problem solving. I chose to
be a Product Designer. To achieve this, I enrolled for a degree course
in Three Dimensional Design at Leeds Polytechnic and came away
with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

This was 1980 and jobs were non existent, so I did a post graduate course at Birmingham Polytechnic and achieved a Master of Arts degree in Industrial Design.

By now the economy had picked up and I managed to find work.
For the next 28 years I worked as a Product Designer. On everything from coffee makers, toasters and drinks dispensers, to fuel systems
for cars. These items were mainly for blue chip companies, like Russell Hobbs, Coca-Cola, Land Rover and Jaguar, to name just a few.

The type of artwork required was a more formal type, exploded views and engineering drawings. Just occasionally I was let loose with a set
of felt tips to knock up a presentation drawing, if only to help sell the concept to the suits. As time progressed, I acquired a high level of computer skills as a CAD (Computer Aided Design) operator. My drawing and painting skills became obsolete, as even the presentations were computer generated simulations. The examples below, are just a few, of the many computer generated designs I produced.

                                Birth of a Cube


I missed Art for Arts sake, to draw or paint just for the pleasure of it.

I made attempts to get back into the habit in 1993 and again in 1995, with a handful of watercolour paintings produced. It was towards the end of 2011 that I decided to make a determined effort and being unemployed at that time, I had no excuses.
I put together this web site, mostly to share my work with others and as a kind of motivation to produce items to put on it.

So there we have it, I've almost gone full circle and back to my calling. Hopefully I will be inspired to produce some work worth displaying and that you will enjoy.

The projects section is just a random selection of items that might be of interest. My second love is Hifi, especially vinyl records. There is bound to be something relating to that, found there.

Take care,