As you will have gathered, I get very fussy when it comes to the finishing details on my projects. From the start, I wanted to make this crossover case look as if it was part of the original speaker system. In trying to achieve this, I needed to apply some lettering and the Yamaha Logo on the front panel and to a high standard. The only way I could think of doing this, using my limited workspace and equipment, was to screen print the lettering onto the front panel. 
Its 38 years since I did my last screen print at Hartlepool College of Art, so a bit of research was needed, YouTube was my friend here. The basic process is as I remembered, but the method of getting the design on to the screen has changed, so I had to pick up some new skills along the way.

This is the printing jig I made, I had to use quite fine 120T mesh on the screen due to the detail in the lettering and logo. I already have a UV light box from my efforts in making my own PCB’s so I just needed to apply the Photo Emulsion to the screen and crack on. It was a bit of an extravagance going to all this trouble for a single pull, but I wanted to perfect the process for other reasons unrelated to hifi. I didn’t want to purchase expensive inks for this one off however, so I just used, Wilko non drip White gloss paint to print with.