I said the location of the crossover allowed short and simple connections but this snake pit is still the result. To be fair I've just used whatever leads I had available, this is one of the down sides of going active, lots and lots of cables.

I fired it up, no puff of smoke and had music straight away but it sounded very dull, too much bass, I increased the mid and tweeter levels using the volume pots I had inserted into the crossover output and it was a lot better. From experience of op amp based phono stage builds I know these type of circuits usually take a day or two to settle in so I left it playing all afternoon. When I came back at tea time I was immediately taken by how good it was sounding. I only have some very cheap pots controlling the levels, £3 a piece but even so, this was already sounding better than the passive circuit. The upper mids were cleaner and female vocals were at last sounding distortion free at the crossover point. Bass is strong and deep and timing is very good, the crossover slopes seem to work very well, piano scales sounding seamless. I have the tweeter wired in reverse phase as is normal, I tried changing phase but there was no dramatic difference, the original possibly sounding slightly better, I will come back to this later.

Even after such a short time I can easily see from the positive results that it is worth continuing with this build and investing in some better pots and making some decent short interconnects.