The caps have been fitted, Ansar Supersound (PP) for the midrange bandpass, a Mundorf Supreme (PP) for the series tweeter and Mundorf Ecap (Lytics) for the parallel pair in the low frequency filter. The Supremes are a bit pricey, but I only needed a 2.7uf so not too painful, its the big one, with the two Mundorf Lytics behind it. The three small Ansars on the right are 1.5 + 1 + 1 = 3.5 (3.48 actual). The Ansars on the lower left should make 21uf and are 8 + 6.8 + 6.8 = 21.6 (21.29 actual). The Lytics 47 + 47 = 94 measured 95.4uf. The 2.7uf Supreme measured 2.71, so all values are very close to ideal.
I replaced the bell wire between the binding posts and the x-over with Van Damme 2.5mm square OFC, I soldered it to the back of the posts. I left the internal wire as standard, as best as I could measure, the bass driver is wired with 15 AWG which should be up to the job.