This is the Peerles HDS Tweeter with the faceplate removed.
It will be pressed against the back of the baffle board, with the dome centered in the wave guide.
A 1mm thick Neoprene gasket will be used on the final enclosed box to make sure of an air tight fit, it will also be used here, but just to guarantee consistency of results.

This is one of the two lash ups, which serve several purposes.
First and foremost, it will enable testing of the drivers, to see if they work well together.
Second it uses a sandwich construction of 12mm MDF/12mm Ply. This is my intended construction method for the final enclosure and it allowed me to sample this process and consider any problems I might encounter during the build.
Third it allowed me to develop the cutting process for producing the tweeters wave guide.

The rear view shows the cut out for the tweeter in the plywood, made before the ply was glued to the MDF. I used "Gorilla Wood Glue" for joining the sheets, it's like PVA in use, but unlike PVA it is water resistant when dry and has anti slip properties, which helps stop the parts moving around when clamping up. It came highly recommended but it's the first time I've used it. It's very strong and when I tested it, the ply or MDF split before the glue gave up.
The Gluing of the sandwich of MDF/Ply worked well and the 24mm thick sheet seems very inert. The Wave Guide machining went well, so the construction sequence for the final build seems set. I will give them a coat of satin Black then fit the drivers.