Well I just couldn't wait any longer and had to hear what she sounds like.
My glass equipment stand is not up to carrying the weight so I had to help it out - not ideal acoustically.
The spindle bearing is new so hasn't run in yet, the arms silver wiring hasn't burned in and the VTA etc are a first attempt so not optimised. All I can say is WOW!
I used the Denon 301 II cartridge in my Project RPM 9 to put some hours on it, and that set up sounded very good but this is in a different league. I don't know whether its the Linear Arm but the cartridge sounds as though its been supercharged. I'm hearing details and instruments I didn't know were there before. Donald Fagen - Night Fly & Cat Stevens - Teaser & the Firecat are awesome, what a sound stage. Difficult voices like Stevie Nicks - Tango in the Night have a sweetness and natural feel, where it always sounded hollow and edgy before.