Getting on with the mods to the Top Plate. I trimmed 52mm off the right hand side of the deck and filled in the tonearm aperture. This plinth is specifically for mounting a Trans-Fi "Terminator" linear tracking arm and there will be threaded inserts fitted to mount it. The lights on the deck are supposed to add to the noise floor, especially the Strobe light, so they have gone. The pitch fader circuit is only needed if you are a DJ so ditched that as well. There is no need to check the speed on these decks, they monitor and adjust many times a second against a known source, hence "Quartz locked", so even the strobe dots on the platter aren't really needed. I am removing most of the surplus features. Every hole has to be plugged before casting my sand/resin mix into the back of it. I used thick aluminium plate and glued/filled it with Plastic Paddings "Chemical Metal" This stuff sets hard can be drilled and tapped and withstands 160 deg C. So ok for Iron on Veneer, if I go that route.