It's no coincidence that I showed the Linn LV-X arm in the first picture, the Technics headshell has an offset angle of 22 degrees but this is only correct for their own alignment geometry. If you calculate for Baerwald alignment  it requires an offset of 23.7 degrees so you have to twist the cartridge in the mounting slots.

The Linn headshell is at an angle of 24 degrees, the 0.3 degree difference over my preferred Baerwald figure of 23.7 is so small as not to be noticeable by eye, plus  the cartridge mounting slots will easily allow for this. I will of course be setting the cartridge to the correct angle using a suitable Baerwald protractor.

The picture on the left shows the (Rare) brand new headshell I picked up off eBay. Got it for a price, below what I've seen second hand ones go for, so well pleased. The picture on the right shows the headshell after I have stripped out the multi pin connector and cartridge leads. One of the things I like about this headshell is that the connecting stub is not a separate piece, but part of the die casting. This removes a mechanical fixing interface, which I am all in favour of. Another key attribute is that the stub is 8mm diameter, I plan on making a straight arm from roll wrapped carbon fibre tube, OD 10mm x ID 8mm, so the stub should fit with a bit of persuasion. Also the stock bearing yoke which accepts the arm tube has a 9.5mm hole, so I should be able to work a way of fixing the tube in there as well, enlarging the hole with a 10mm drill or sanding the outside of the tube, or a bit of both.