This Project is to see If I can improve the Stock Technics Arm from an SL-1200 II/V.
This "S" shaped arm is typical of the type. If you draw a line through the balance weight stub the "S" bend straddles this line. The weight of the headshell/cartridge roughly balances the bent part of the tube and presents the weight evenly balanced for the bearing, as per top picture. You can see that the stylus is positioned a considerable distance from the centreline. When I first got my Technics deck, I had problems with Inner Groove Distortion (IGD) and had to change my cartridge alignment from my preferred Baerwald to the one Technics devised themselves, which is very similar to Stevenson alignment but not exactly the same. This arm seems prone to problems with IGD and there are lots of posts on the Forums regarding this. I have a suspicion that a combination of different headshell/cartridge weights is contributing to this by changing the centre of gravity relative to this centreline and producing an element of built in anti skate bias regardless of the setting of the anti skate control. This bias is contributing to the IGD - that's my theory anyway.
If you look at a typical straight arm from Rega or Linn for instance, the stylus sits on or very close to the centreline as per the bottom picture.