I set up the deck in my system. Pro-Ject say this platter is designed to be used without a mat, I tried it bare and with a felt mat and preferred it bare. The Terminator arms on the fly VTA adjustment came in handy for quick back and forth comparisons. Because I've made quite a few changes in one go, it's impossible to say which of the changes is having the biggest impact and they need to be assessed as a package. So I'm comparing my old deck - Concrete plinth, Sorbothane feet, modified stock bearing and stock platter. With this new deck - Plywood plinth, Isonoe feet, Pro-Ject bearing and platter. Both decks use the same DIY external PSU, internal regulator and the same linear tracking arm and of course the same Technics Direct Drive System. To me there is no contest, the new deck is better by some margin and my guess is that it is mostly down to the new bearing/platter combination but I have no evidence to support this. The sound has a rightness about it, a solidity which comes across in the bass and yet a warmth in the mid range that was some how missing before, timing is precise and the treble is clean. Normally I hear highs and lows in the presentation of my decks, some areas emphasised more than others but here it seems very even handed. That's not to say it isn't dynamic or that it's boring quite the reverse and the sound stage is wide and deep. It's only had a few hours listening but I can say without hesitation that it's the best deck I've ever owned. It may be possible to squeeze some more magic out with further VTA optimisation and possibly by adding an Achromat. Either way I am really pleased with the performance, I can finally move on to other areas of my system which now need urgent attention to bring them up to the standard of the turntable.