The Polyurethane varnish has been applied to the veneer. I think it was seven coats in total which I applied using a small compressor and gravity feed gun. It took a lot of effort to get the finish to the desired mirror quality gloss. The last three coats were all supposed to be final coats but as I was spraying outside, I was plagued by dust and flying critters landing on the wet surface. I ended up getting up really early when the air was still, not a breath of wind and the flies had not got out of bed. This did the trick and I got a good final coat. I rubbed the surface between coats with 1200 grit used wet, its important to use a sanding block if you want flat reflections, you won't get this using just your fingers. I took the shot outside and that's a telegraph pole you can see reflected on the right. I let the varnish have at least three days drying time between each rub down and re-coat and a week for the final coat  to harden before assembly.