The deck fired up ok so no mods required. I fitted the Isonoe feet, trust me they are under there and got the deck up on the scales. I bought four sets off Fleabay for under a fiver each, that was the price including delivery and a set of batteries was included with each. The spread of weight is very irregular. the rear left foot sees the most weight the front left sees the least with a difference of 506g (0.506Kg) the other two fall between. I will have to see if I can address this and get them closer together, its not as straight forward as just putting a weight equal to the discrepancy on that corner because it has a knock on effect on all the other values as well. Just adding the 800g record weight reduces the difference between front and rear left feet to 437g so a bit of experimenting is required. I am not looking for exactly the same figure on each foot, because a different type of mat or a thicker/heavier record would throw this out, approximately the same, to allow roughly equal loading on the feet, is all that is required.