The Kit from arrived so I cracked on and completed the test build.
Started populating the board about 2:00pm and finished at 10:00pm with about an hours break for my evening meal, so not bad going. I took my time as some of the parts were difficult to identify without a 10x eyeglass and the parts list had two or three options for some locations, which I didn't spot straight away. I resorted to setting my laptop up near where I was working, so I could check the parts list, and instructions from the AMB Labs site as I was working. The instructions are basic, so you just put the parts listed, into the clearly printed locations on the board. All the information you need is there.

I fired it up and it works as it should, running cool at idle, so I'll try it powering the phono stage next.

I made up a lead to connect the PSU to the Phono stage.
Found some nice cable for the job, each multi strand conductor has a coloured PVC jacket as the primary insulation, with a second clear PVC sleeve covering that. Then each is wrapped in silk before being twisted together. Comes in 2 or 3 core in a variety of colours and various current ratings, I used the 3 core 0.5mm sq. It's actually for wiring chandeliers and is only £2.79/m.

I got round to painting the case/front panel, managed to mix a good match with the paint and fitted the LED. Water clear ultra bright 5mm Blue are an exact colour match with Phono Stage.
Hows it sound?
A very nice improvement across the board, in detail, clarity, bass weight/control, it just sounds better in every way, not night and day differences, but still very noticeable. What made as much difference was moving to a fully balanced set up from cartridge to power amp. Combined with the power supply improvements, this is now a very good combination and will take some beating.