The design I'm following was drawn up as a schematic by 6L6 on the Art of Sound Forum. I had to turn it into a track layout and photo positive artwork, the black areas on the design will be the copper tracks, the clear sections will be etched away. There are numerous pieces of free design software for PCB's but they all have a steep learning curve and for the very occasional user, are not really suitable as you will forget how to use it before its needed again. For this very simple track layout I just used Corel Draw. I first considered using the laser thermal transfer system to produce the boards, various sources recond this is ok for a crude PCB with wide tracks, but it's not accurate or reliable enough for such fine work. I decided to use UV sensitive pre coated boards, hence the need for the UV exposure unit.
This is the artwork for it,
I printed two copies onto overhead projection sheets using a laser printer. My printer is just a cheap Mono unit with max resolution of 1200dpi if you can print at 2400dpi this is better and less likely to let UV light between the mesh of dots. You can also use an inkjet printer but will need special sheets to print on. These suffer less from meshing as the dots spread out when they hit the film and tend to merge.The two prints were laid one on top of the other and glued together around the edges, this was to make certain the tracks were solid enough for the light not to penetrate. I can fit 8 of these small PCB's on a 100 x 160mm board.