Everything is standard Micro 25 on the back panel.
Internally the volume control is an Alps Blue Stereo Pot and the Line stage gain is set at 0dB. This is the build spec Glen used when he produced this particular unit from new.
The reduced gain equates to inputs of 3mV on the Phono stage and 0.5V on the Line stage for an output of 0.5V
The only line stage input I use is from my DAC, which outputs 2V, so no gain is required there anyway, as my Proton Power Amp only requires 1V to achieve full output.
My normal reasonably loud listening level (90dB Speakers) is with a quarter turn of the volume and at half a turn is VERY loud, I don't think I could listen to that level for long in my smallish room. The volume pot is smooth and gives a nice gradual change, as for hiss or background noise, the unit seems very quite and works well with the other items in my system.

One thing to note: this series of Croft gear reverses phase, this is ok if you use Croft for both Pre and Power because phase is corrected by the second unit. If you only use one, either Pre or Power and your other amp does not reverse Phase you hit a problem. It's not as bad as it sounds, you just have to swap the speaker leads round at one end, either at the amp or at the speaker which ever is easier to get to, but only at one end, connect the Red lead to - and the Black to + and its sorted. Even though a couple of people had told me this in the past, I forgot and was initially disappointed in the sound produced. Once I swapped the connections I was more than happy, the out of phase sound when listening through my Celestion 66's had flattened dynamics and the tweeter sounded very slightly distorted.