The  case is pretty full now but every thing that counts is well separated and the unit runs very quite.
I couldn't live with the Shunt Feedback resistors at 390 Ohm, I found it was pushing the envelope too far. It did sound bigger with more mid range presence but I found it was also starting to get raggy round the edges and could be pushed into distortion at fairly low levels. I lived with it for a couple of weeks then just had to change them, I decided to go for a value of 470 Ohm (mid point of 390/560). To say the difference was night and day would be an understatement. The sound is more relaxing to listen to, you never feel is if its about to break up and it goes a lot louder while still firmly in control. Bass is much more solid and better textured, with a bigger kick to it. This change, compared to the 390 Ohm, has taken it from middle of the road to high end reproduction, I wont be tweaking any further as it's sounding spectacular.

Reviewing the changes I've made from Hypnoatoads original build specification:
Output Coupling Caps changed to Mundorf Supreme's
First Stage OpAmps changed to AD797BRZ version
Shunt feedback Resistors changed to 470 Ohm.
I have the Impedance trimmers at 284 Ohm
The Gain trimmers at 1200 Ohm
My Cartridge is a Denon DL-301 II at 33 Ohm impedance and Output of 0.4mV

Edit: After changing the Capacitors in my Speaker x-overs I found the presentation was too warm and soft. I reverted back to the 390 Ohm which now worked extremely well, without the problems I had previously encountered.