On the right you can see the 0.01uF Vishay MKP1837 bypass caps I tried  fitting to the WIMA's and the ESA's. Up to this point, the WIMA's were the Chunkiest of the four Caps I had tried, but they are dwarfed by the Mundorf Supremes. I think most people will be aware of the glowing references these Mundorf caps receive when used in    x-over circuits but how do they fair as output coupling caps in this phono stage?
Well they are by far the most evenly balanced across the whole of the audio spectrum, of any of the caps tried, no one area is highlighted. They easily match the WIMA's for detail and dynamics, but have a much cleaner and focused top end that is sibilance free. To place them, I would say they are very slightly softer in the treble than the Sonicaps, but slightly brighter than the WIMA's or ESA's. The mid range has so much more information retrieved than the others and the bottom end is detailed punchy and can dig deep - my search stops here. This is the first set of caps that doesn't display an immediate and gradually distracting unwanted trait. I've played all kinds of music, from Chopin to AC/DC and vocals from Orff's - Carmina Burana to Bjork's - Medulla and couldn't trip them up. They consistently give a musical and believable reproduction of the recording on the Turntable.