The new coils arrived from the Netherlands and caps/resistors from the States. The ordered 3.0 mH coils measure 2.919 and 2.914 mH (2.9 required) the ordered 2.4 mH coils measure 2.361 and 2.373 mH (2.2 required). I'll wind off a few turns to adjust and match. The ordered 5.0 uf caps measure 4.72 and 4.75 uf (4.7 required) I took a gamble on the caps on the basis that all my other Sonicaps were on the lower side of the tolerance band by roughly the same proportion of there stated value - it paid off. The Mills resistors are all pretty much bang on the stated value, as they are +/- 1% you would expect this, but always good to check.