This is my version as a quick lash up. I am burning-in some Russian PETP caps, 2.2uf 63v. I have recently fitted a pair of these as output caps in a Phono stage, so am familiar with what they sound like before/during/after burn-in.
I'll give them a week on the Burner then try this set in the Phono stage for comparison.
I am using the Tape Out RCA jack (one channel) on this mini system to feed a signal into the circuit.
This output is not effected by the volume control, so you can drop the volume to zero and let it run silently, once tuned into a Radio station running 24/7. Alternatively, you could run a CD with a test sweep on repeat, the beauty about using the tuner is there are no moving parts to wear. If this device works I'll put the circuit in a case and draw up a clear schematic for anyone that fancies building it. Ultimately, I will replace the battery with a 9v regulated supply. But lets see if it works first.